2019 Trail Status

While we are hopeful this weekends storm brings enough snow to open the trails, it is a 50/50 Chance. Please check our Facebook feed for the latest updates on Sunday, 1/20.

Trail Sections Closed: Spencer Country Inn has been closed by the landowner due to the trail being cut too wide by our trail crew, against his wishes. It will be posted here and Facebook in the event of any changes.

Trail Sections Open: Pending the State required 4” of packed snow, all Snowbirds trails not mentioned above are open and ready. The trail across Sugden is permanently closed.

Please note: Our license agreement with MA Fisheries and Wildlife for Moose Hill is contingent that riders stay on the designated trail. In the event you witness someone riding off-trail, please notify the club immediately with as much detail as possible.

The Snowbirds Snowmobile Club

Located in Spencer Massachusetts, the Snowbirds Snowmobile Club is a family oriented, local riding club that maintains over 40 miles of snowmobile trails. Including a loop system and access to the northern trail system. Based out of Camp Marshall / 4H off of McCormick Road.