Important Trail Update

The trail between Paxton Rd and Moose Hill Rd that runs through Moose Hill Wildlife Management Area will be closed until further notice. Please understand, this suspension is a result of a misjudgment on our part, and some bad information. We inadvertently made modifications to the trail that were not allowed in our contract with Fisheries and Wildlife. The contract will remain suspended until we can resolve all of the issues at hand, and Fisheries and Wildlife is satisfied with the resolutions.
ALSO: The trail heading to Rte 9 is currently closed due to landowner issues. We are actively working to put alternate routes together, but this is an extremely complicated section of trail that was marked as low priority. With the Moose Hill closure, we will revisit this area and hopefully have an alternative posted soon.
Last but not least- TRAILS WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL THERE IS 6″ of PACKED SNOW!  We will post on Facebook as soon as we are satisfied with the snow totals from the 2/9 storm.
Anticipating we are finally going to get out there and ride- Be safe!
Tom Cosgrove/President